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Experienced Pipe Welding and Repair Services in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Big Blue Portable Welding (1985) Ltd was founded in 1985 with the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is dedicated to meeting those needs. A lot has changed since 1985, but our focus and drive to provide you with expert, trustworthy service has always remained the same. When it comes to pipe welding in Calgary, we specialize in offering a wide range of services to our clients for projects big or small. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Previously, we’ve been contracted by the City of Calgary and the University of Calgary to perform a wide range of welding projects. Apart from servicing large organizations, we also work with local businesses and individuals in need of pipe welding in Calgary. If you are interested in our services for your own project, we will welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

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What Is Pipe Welding?


It means connecting the parts of a pipe using technical skills. Pipe welding is a cost-effective method to join the many sections of a pipe. This process is done using heated metal pieces, resulting in a single, bigger piece of metal.

Let us understand this better. While laying the foundation of any new city or town, pipelines are important as they carry coal, oil, drinking water, etc. Without pipelines, it would be impossible to cook food, keep our home warm or drive to work. Those who construct, maintain, remove and maintain pipes and pipelines are called pipe welders. You would have surely guessed their significance now. Pipe welders specialize in pipe welding. Efficiently welding pipes requires pipe welders to possess and master specialized techniques. They should be able to understand how to connect pipes and know the factors that affect the quality of the joints they plan to make. Many pipe welders are practitioners with experience in the metalwork field and are typically highly qualified.

What Does a Qualified Pipe Welder Do?

A skilled pipe welder is required to weld pipes carefully because pipes are typically used to carry hazardous substances. If the improvements or joints are not made appropriately, they may threaten the surrounding people and environment.

Mistakes can also prove fatal, even when non-hazardous substances are involved. Getting training and certification for pipe welding is, thus, highly critical. Certification usually involves completing various assessments, which require an individual to master multiple welding techniques beforehand.

After qualifying comes the time for the real work. A professional welder installs new pipes or fixes old ones. The job includes:

  • Checking the pipeline or its model.

  • Chalking out the weld measurements.

  • Using arc welders or similar equipment to execute it.


This is an on-site job and does not require too much travelling. Sometimes, the working hours for pipeline welders extend into overtime. So, pipe welding is for dedicated people, passionate about their work!

How Is Pipe Welding Done?


Be it water, sewer, oil, or natural gas industry - wherever there are pipes, pipe welding would be needed!

It can be done using various methods, including MIG, TIG, and arc welding. A standard process for welding pipes is the arc welding method. But arc welding also has many procedures, so exploring which works best for specific pipe welding is better. A common technique is gas-shielded arc welding. In this technique, the portion to be welded is exposed to inert glasses, which act as a protective shield, while pressure is applied to loosen and connect the metal parts.

Requirements for Performing Pipe Welding Accurately


Experience, qualification, and skill are all needed to execute pipe welding efficiently. Expert pipe welders keep improving their skills constantly. They are adept in tack welding, a critical step in joining pipes. It requires specialized skill as the technique involves using a small, transient connection to keep something in place.

An experienced pipe welder like Big Blue Portable Welding (1985) Ltd can work out the number of tacks, or temporary bonds, to use and assess the pipe to ascertain the size of the required bonds. We will work closely on the weld with precision to produce a smooth and clear weld.

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