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Comprehensive Welding Services in Calgary and Surrounding Areas
Big Blue Portable Welding (1985) Ltd has been offering welding and complete metal fabrication services since 1985. We are experts in a wide range of welding services and undertake both big and small projects.
We have extensive experience in handling stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron materials. We always strive to improve our techniques and operations to offer better services.
If you have a welding or piping repair project on the horizon, trust Big Blue Portable Welding (1985) Ltd in Calgary. Our quality workmanship is only rivalled by our dedication to superior customer service. Our licensed technicians have the tools and the know-how to get welding services in Calgary done right. Call us today to know more.
Services We Offer
We offer a host of services and can help you with welding-related jobs for a number of items including:

  • Commercial piping

  • Steam piping

  • Water piping

  • Gas piping

  • Pressure pipe welding

  • Structural welding

  • Pipe repairing

Our team provides quick and efficient services and is capable of realizing the unique and custom needs of your steel manufacturing projects. With our cutting-edge technology and equipment, we conduct structures' cutting, shaping and joining.

Importance of High-quality Welding Services
Most industries require welding solutions to function. Whether in the automotive, manufacturing, or consumer goods industry, welding is essential to create our world. A key challenge in welding is the quality of work. As the demand for welding grows, the need for qualified welders also increases manifold. 
Automation has played a vital role in the welding industry, but there is no replacement for trained welders who can perform custom welding as per product specifications. Thus, high-quality welding is critical. More reasons why welding is essential are:


  • Product longevity
    A quality welded product will last longer than a poorly, cheaply or rapidly welded one. Thus, if the product is well welded, it will help your business save costs. The test of time is among the best ways to determine the quality of welds and fabrication.


  • Product durability
    Another advantage of using quality welding is increased product durability. Every company wants its products to be recalled for durability, and this is only possible if you have a highly specialized welder by your side!


  • Improved esteem and reputation
    Since your materials will be more robust and last longer, your company will be able to enjoy higher regard. Your customers will laud attention to detail and will be more likely to suggest you/your products.


  • Save time and money
    In the modern business world, it is vital to focus on your core and partner with an expert to do the other non-core work. You can leverage the benefits of high quality and improve your bottom line by partnering with trained welders. Your clean-up or weld-fixing worries are kept at bay - saving you ample time and money. Superior-quality welds will also ensure that you spend less time on the inspection and more time on your business.


  • Less risk
    A poorly welded product can break early or prove dangerous for your customers. Thus, it is important to have high-quality welds to avoid risk and disaster for your brand image.

Because so many varied components are required to ensure the quality of welding, you may need to find a custom welding service that can meet your product specifications and deliver consistent results. Using a reputable shop to meet your welding requirements will benefit you in the long run.
How to Find a Quality Welding Service Provider?
Reputable welding service providers will have a strong reputation and a fail-proof procedure. They are transparent about their process and upfront about their rates. We recommend talking with the potential welding shop to ascertain if they care about their work and the quality of the welded product.

Why Choose our Services?
We provide you with high-quality and durable welding services for all your needs. Some of the benefits of using mobile welding services are:

  • On-the-spot service - Your project will be done quickly as you don’t have to go to a welder’s workshop.

  • No hassle - Metal equipment is heavy and difficult to move. When it requires repairs, it becomes very difficult to carry the equipment to the shop. Mobile welders make this task easier by coming to you, which will save both time and effort.

  • Quality welding services - Our welders are committed to providing top-quality custom welds. We can weld to your unique specifications, delivering quick and effective results.

  • Routine inspection and checks - Quality welding shops always perform regular equipment inspections to check for potential problems. We perform a visual weld inspection to assess all materials before starting the weld. Our team is trained to constantly test the quality of the weld and materials throughout the process. They inspect the end product when the weld is done and fix any issues that the final product might have. Our reviews also include checking arc voltage, damaged cables, and amperage meters. Everything is done to maintain safety and welding standards.

Are you looking for welding contractors in Calgary? Reach out to our team to learn more about the services we offer.


Contact Us

Get in touch with us if you are looking for mobile welding services in Calgary. We give you our complete attention and assist with fully customized projects. Our teams not only create and repair, but also collaborate and discuss with clients on their needs.

For Welding Services in Calgary, Call Big Blue Portable Welding (1985) Ltd Today!

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